Cleanroom & Laboratories


Owner: Biofire

Architect: FFKR

Engineer: Colvin

General Contractor: Okland Construction

Mechanical Contractor: Palmer Christiansen

BioFire is divided into three main groups of departments; Administration, Research / Development, and Manufacturing. The Administration departments include private and open office space, conference rooms, gathering spaces, and a cafeteria. The Research and Development departments consist of electronics manufacturing workshops, biochemistry labs, biosafety labs, and Engineering workshops. The Manufacturing clean-room areas are enclosed into individual portions as required with storage and assembly-line components. Also included are 350 stalls of underground parking and 400 surface stalls around the site. 270,000 SF. Salt Lake City, Utah

Thatcher Building for Biological and Biophysical Chemistry

Owner: Intermountain Healthcare

General Contractor: Big-D Construction

Mechanical Contractor: J&S Mechanical

Three story addition to existing clinic and renovation of existing facility. Required extensive coordination of multiple phases to renovate multiple areas while occupied. New construction included Insta-care, Pediatrics and General Medicine clinics.

Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology

Owner: Iasis Healthcare

General Contractor: Layton Construction

Mechanical Contractor: J&S Mechanical

60,000 square foot professional office building that was connected to the hospital. The P.O.B. mechanical system was fed through the hospital which required careful routing.